About the Office

The teaching assistants Office one of the Department of Graduate Studies and training of administrative offices, the university and that office shall provide all administrative services relating to the affairs of repeaters that will enhance and facilitate the task of providing real human knowledge in all available scientific areas, which in turn lead to the preparation of specialists in high-level research scientific to meet the requirements of society in Libya.

Therefore, this office has the effectiveness of coordination and linkage between the university management and faculties in various scientific departments, particularly with regard to the completion of the procedures for the nomination process for the position of Lecturer in accordance with the needs of the scientific departments and foundations used to have, and is teaching assistants office is the first office was established at the university.



Aspiring lecturers Office of excellence in providing the best services for the preparation of a distinct national scientific cadres, elevate the level of education the university, which restores its place among developed universities locally and regionally.



The mission of teaching assistants Office Benghazi University to provide the best services to the demonstrators, by facilitating administrative procedures and speed of delivery and focus on the involvement of lecturers courses, seminars and scientific conferences both internally and externally through a short deployment, internal deployment to raise the scientific and technical level of a forwarder.


To achieve what aspires to teaching assistants in the Office access to his vision, and achieve its mission, he had to make a clear strategy enables it to reach its objectives through the following status: -


- The improvement and development of staff performance.


- Focus on the quality of performance.


- Standardization of procedures and models on the level of the office.


- Focus on the follow-up teaching assistants affairs and provide the best services possible.


- Follow-up page teaching assistants on the website of the Department of Graduate Studies and Training, and update information constantly and continuously.


- Continuous and dedicated teamwork of the staff of the Office.


Tasks Performed by The Office of Teaching Assistants

- The announcement of acceptance of recreating, through various media, and after that the college needs to send a new recreating the announcement according to the required partitions and according to any discipline, colleges comes.


- Are the personal files of the applicants brothers reception for the position of Lecturer at the university and then compiling lists of students who meet the conditions of return and are sent to colleges for differentiation and choice.


- After you choose colleges referred to the personal files of Graduate Studies and Training Department and the Office of teaching assistants prepare a list of the names and statements of persons who have been selected by the college, and through personal files.


- Referred to the statements of the President of the university in order to adopt previously.

- Referred detected after the count of the president of the university to the Ministry of Higher Education and to authorize issuance of the decision to contract with them and then forwarded to the President for a decision to contract with them.


- The Office is also some correspondence of interest to the administration, such as the prosecution of certain incoming correspondence to us from colleges

-The interruption of some teaching assistants for the study which proposes a decision to terminate the contracts and others granted leave without pay and then by the president of the university.


- The receipt of direct action after returning from summer vacation as well as correspondence and reports that come to the administration in order to complete the financial and administrative organization of their actions and in their profiles in the office.

- Referral of contracts and models as well as the teaching of the adoption of the university president.


- Issuing special identification cards for  teaching assistants.


- It is a personal contract included restorer and continuity in the study and a certificate of birth and residence and the decision to return assembly is assembled in a file, then forwarded revealed the names of the demonstrators to the Ministry of Higher Education to issue a decision to dispatch them to study inside Libya.