Graduate Management And Training Functions of Characterization.


Director of Post Graduate Studies and Training 

Prof.Mohamed  Salah Bou-Amoud

Director of Graduate Studies Office

Tarig Abdullah Mahdi Al-Jahmi

Director of The Office Missions

Issa Salam Mohamed Al-Wazeri

Director of Training Office

Embark Saad Embark Al-Tawiel

Director of The Office of Teaching Assistants

Khaled Mohamed Mohamed  Al-Fassai

Head of Quality Assurance Unite

Faizah Mohamed Alsouissie Bou-Halfaia

Head of The Department of Administration

Khaled Mohamed Ebriek  Al-Hassie

Head of Website Unit

Mohamed Moftah Faraj Al-Fallah




Graduate work management and training plan for the current year 2016/2017 

1. Focus on commitment to the provisions of the General Regulations for Graduate Studies and No. 501 for the year 2010 and the renewal of the internal regulations of the faculties in accordance with the General Regulations.


2. re-examine and evaluate the General Regulations for Graduate Studies and No. 501 for the year 2010 and to highlight the weaknesses and develop proposals to address it and then forward it to the competent authority at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


3. Working to organize regular meetings of the Committee on Graduate Studies University, as well as the emphasis on the regular meetings of the committees graduate college.


4. activate previously signed joint cooperation with Arab and foreign universities agreements and seek to hold new agreements to cover the shortfall in medical science.


5. Like the graduate student and teaching assistant guide will be initiated in the completion of the study guide for delegates to the outside.


6. Urge graduate college departments to proceed with the preparation of detailed statistics par for graduate students (students actually studying and grades they came up with - dropouts - dismissed) in preparation for the completion of the stalled administration system.