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It became awastatement many of its sons to complete their higher education abroad to return to form excellent scientific nucleus pave the way for the establishment of graduate programs at home, which is the summit of education, need to be a large crowd of attention, what count upon graduation of qualified personnel, which will take upon themselves the burden of development in various fields.

Indeed Libyan universities began to expand graduate studies to embrace a gifted and genius of its people keen to build national cadres, and the University of Benghazi of the Libyan state since the early - immediately after independence - to the importance of higher education,The pioneers in this area where he embarked on the establishment of graduate programs since 1978 and has embraced many of the people of this country, and has expanded to accept teaching assistants even the number of graduates with a master's degree more than 2,400 graduates in most disciplines, this as well as teaching assistants who were sent to complete their studies abroad, and many of them joined the family members of the board of teaching in various Libyan universities, and engaged many of them in the sectors and institutions vital state, and has held many of them in leadership positions.

The postgraduate training and management take responsibility for the development of graduate programs, and making a great effort to make it a success through its continued commitment to work and to overcome all the administrative difficulties that hinder the progress of graduate teaching assistants and students.

In pursuit of our management to help graduate students and teaching assistants, wherever they are on Libyan soil was this humble extracted from the General Rules for Graduate Studies and customs applicable Organization for graduate programs directory set up, perhaps it will be a beacon for them through scientific careers, and a key to enter the practical life.

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Mamagement of Post Graduate and Training

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    Several academic services which enable students getting their schedules, course descriptions and study plan.

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    An Information system enable storing new students’ information and administration process.

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    A research institution belong to the UOB, as it established run research studies, and consultations necessary to support the University of Benghazi.

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    The IDC aims to provide and store all systems and applications which facilities teaching and learning process.

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    It is an application enable students, teachers and employers to send their suggestions and complains to different departments.



Library management aims to provide information, and electronic resources for UOB teachers and students.


UOB Knowledge Base

The knowledge base aims to collect and publish all UOB staff publications.



It aims to manage all post Graduate studies & Training for UOB employers, TAs, MAs, and Researchers.


Quality and Assurance Office

It aims to ensure and implement the international criteria for teaching and learning within the UOB.